Several procedures are available today to restore reduced volumes of the face, both surgical and non surgical.
Lipofilling, i.e. grafting of own fat of the patient is the most up-to-date method followed by the use of dermal fillers.

The harmony and the beauty of the human face is made up by the correct proportion of the volumes of its parts; for example proportionate and well defined cheekbones convey attractiveness and charm to the face.
For genetic predisposition, some individuals, have ill-defined cheekbones even at a young age. With the passing years, for the natural ageing process of tissues, not only the cheekbones shrink but also other areas of the face tend to become reduced in volume.
The face tends to develop hollow areas, the eyes become sunken and the lips thinner.
Accurately redefining face volumes and contour is very important in maintaining or restoring the attractiveness of the face.

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