A face lift is the most appropriate operation to restore the features of the face when they are altered by the aging process and tissue laxity, and to renovate freshness and beauty.
Refined and minimally invasive modern techniques allow for rapid recovery and provide natural results, softening the features of the face and restoring a fresher and younger look.
A facelift is the most complete and appropriate answer to the progressing of the ageing factors.

With a face lift major folds and wrinkles of the face can be corrected, excessive sagging skin can be reduced, jowls can be removed, and hollow cheeks can be improved and fallen corners of the mouth imparting a tired, sad look, can be elevated.

This is the most advanced and refined procedure to obtain substantial improvement; a face lift is often combined with a blepharoplasty, to rejuvenate the orbital area and a lipostructure or other ancillary procedures like injections of dermal fillers, botox, laser resurfacing.

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