An innovative anti-ageing procedure, proposed more and more frequently in recent times, is represented by the so called thread lifting or “non surgical” face lift. This procedure is simple and straightforward involving minimal downtime.
The threads are made of resorbable material and can be used in combination with other treatments like botox or injectable fillers.

Who is suitable for a Thread Lift?

The procedure is suitable for most people when the initial effects of ageing become apparent.
Threads are implanted into the sub-dermis
and stimulate the production of collagen,
tightening tissues and exerting a minimal lifting action.

Silhouette Soft are suspension sutures made of polylactic acid (PLA) that have a row of tiny bidirectional cones. When the thread is inserted sub-dermally the cones anchor to the surrounding tissues, providing a discreet lifting effect.
Silhouette Soft sutures are placed under local anaesthesia, in a matter of a few minutes, no visible scars are produced. The benefits last several months.

Another type of threads are made of Polydioxanone (PDO) a substance that dissolves in 6-8 months. These threads are used in the face and in the body.
During reabsorption PDO threads cause a very mild inflammatory reaction promoting new collagen production (neo collagenesis).
The final effect is tightening and lifting of sagging areas of tissue and skin.

These new technologies are a very frequent request nowadays. If the patient is not ready or does not jet want to have a face lift, thread lift can be an alternative.
However, to achieve more permanent and dramatic results, with a real upward traction of sagging tissues, thread lift is no substitute for a proper face lift.

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