A mastopexy, also called breast lift, is an operation that raises and recontours loose, sagging breasts. The breast tissue is elevated, the excess skin from the lower portion of the breast is removed and the remaining skin is reshaped. Nipples and areola are relocated to a higher position and the size of the areola can be reduced, if necessary. Women who have their breasts lifted may decide to have them increased in size as well. This is accomplished by inserting breast implants during the operation.

A mastopexy is an operation for raising breasts that have lost their elasticity and have become droopy and hollow. The procedure is designed to remove overstretched skin, elevate the nipple areola complex and shape a pleasing breast mould.
Several different methods are used to perform this procedure and Dr. Roberto Uccellini will discuss with you which technique is more appropriate for your case and will explain to you the type and course of the ensuing scars.

Aesthetically pleasing breasts are made of some essential elements like shape, volume and tissue tonicity but the correct nipple and areola form and position are also very important features: ideally the nipple and areola should lay above the inframammary fold.
Following pregnancy, breast feeding, considerable weight loss, or for congenital predisposition, in some women, the breast can lose tonicity and become sagging (ptotic) with crumpled, overstretched skin.

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